Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Calico Horse

The Calico Horse used to be Clock Work Army, whom we said very nice things about a few years ago. Loved singer Emily Neveu then, and love her now. Father Feed Me (mp3), a carnivalesque rock tune, is tagged as a Clock Work Army song, but it's not really, and it doesn't matter, anyway. It's a damn good song, with a warped oom-pah-pah piano intro and dark guitar fuzz, and real pretty piano flourishes at the end. I'll be looking for their debut, Mirror, out May 27th. Also check these out: Awake In The Clouds (mp3)(these clouds seem to be the black variety, not white), and Onomatopoeia (mp3), which in some ways feels a little like a Walkmen song, with soaring vocals and the title word drawn out in syllables, vocal hesitation cleverly creating emphasis.

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