Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saint Bernadette

On Saint Bernadette's forthcoming EP, I Wanna Tell You Something, Meredith DiMenna starts where she left off - in the ballroom, for the first few verses of the opening song - but she doesn't keep us there for long. Before you can say "chanteuse," she blows a storm up through the pipes, channeling Ann Wilson and Grace Slick, and drags us squarely into the barroom. She accuses, pleads, despairs, and manipulates; she leaves us breathless.

Love is a Stranger follows the loud-quiet-loud formula, but it's a fresh variation, with harmonized whispers and expertly built tension in a study of anxiety and unease.

Saint Bernadette - Love Is A Stranger (mp3)

Download I Wanna Tell You Somethingfrom Amazon.

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