Thursday, November 01, 2007

Federico Aubele, Live on KCRW, 10-29-2007

Federico Aubele & Natalia Clavier, at Gibson's Beverly Hills Showroom

Tom and I used to chill to Federico Aubele's latin grooves on the way to get a cheap lunch at a basement Thai joint in Bethesda, MD, or an excursion order lunch special #3 at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Silver Spring. It was a multicultural escape from a multicultural academic workplace. Hearing the Argentinian's Postales on Monday's Morning Becomes Eclectic brought it all back, and lucky for me, he played 6 other songs as well. Hope you're listening, Tom.

Federico Aubele - Live on KCRW, 10-29-2007 (mp3s):

Esta Noche
Maria Jose
La Esquna
En Cada Lugar
En El Desierto

Get sensual with Panamericana.

Federico has friends that you wish were yours.

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