Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Polyphonic (not spree)

Polyphonic the Verbose isn't as talkative as the name implies on Abstract Data Ark. Some of the tracks are experimental instrumentals, psychedelic hip hop blended with jazz, reggae, and electronica. When the verbage does flow, it dazzles.

Land Rovers in the Video (mp3) works for several reasons, among them:

1. The spaced-out intro.
2. Clever use of the phrase "doo-doo head dummies."
3. The flute. The guitar.
4. The fact that this is a political rap song with a spaced-out intro, flute and the phrase "doo-doo head dummies."

Spin the Globe (mp3) is Nintendo rap, with well-placed bleeps, but more impressively, perfectly placed pauses.

The subliminal Moving On (mp3) has all of the above, minus the "doo-doo head..." and is the best track on the disc.

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