Tuesday, April 04, 2006

And on other days it's John, or maybe Paul....Somedays it's even Ringo!

This is a sequel of sorts to Johhny's post yesterday about his occasional George Harrison favoritism. I have those days too. But it got me to thinking about how on any given day you could really have a different "Favorite Beatle". So to solve the problem I came up with a few gems that have them all jamming. This way, no ones feelings will get hurt.

"Two Of Us" - The Beatles

This is the first track off of "Let It Be" and, if you know anything about how tough an album this was for them to make, it's amazing how fun a song this is. Bittersweet, touching, but it still sounds like a fun little hayride in the English countryside. Everyone brings something to table and the result is three and a half minutes of magic. The exchange between John and Paul at the end is priceless.

"Dear Prudence" - The Beatles

This one is a sexy little jam. George and John are dueling. Paul and Ringo lay down this really strong rhythm. Little pretty piano near the end. Everyone lends their vocal and in the end the song sounds like it could come out next week and still be a head of it's time.

"Golden Slumbers - Carry That Weight - The End" - The Beatles

Pretty much the last song we ever heard from a new album of theirs (You can't really count "Her Majesty" can you? It's only 24 seconds!) Everything is in this one and DAMN if Ringo doesn't prove how good a drummer he really was. Anywho, Enjoy!

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