Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Give 'Em What They Want!!! More Stipe!

Johnny just posted some Stipe, to which there was a comment about the 10,000 Maniacs and Stipe. So I'm pretty sure this is how it went....Stipe and Natalie Merchant were cuddly in the mid to early eighties. He guested on the purple album of theirs. Clinton got elected in '92, MTV had an Election night party or an Inaugeration party and Stipe went up there with Merchant and her Maniacs to do a gorgeous version of To Sir, With Love and then kicked in the jams on Candy Everybody Wants.....listen to those horns! AND THEN.....Stipe and Mills hooked up with Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr for what they called Automatic Baby and blew the crowd away with a simply breathtaking version of One using a guitar, a bass and a conga drum between the four of them. Anywho, enjoy!

To Sir With Love

Candy Everybody Wants


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