Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Who The Hell Cares What The Keoki Thinks About King Kong?

Let's start these proceedings by first saying that there is nothing you will read here that will make you want to see King Kong if You have already decided not to see it. All you're going to get here is an unabashed love letter to a between 25 and 28 foot tall gorilla. If that's not what your looking for, than take your Mp3 and move along. So, for the two of you left, I say this is quite a movie. That's right, MOVIE! This is not a film or cinema, it is truly a motion fact it is exactly the kind of picture that Edison would have wanted to see. Truth be told this would have made Edison shit, but still he would have had a ball doing it. I don't feel I need to go over the particulars of Jackson's version of this story other than to say that it suceeds and tops every monster movie ever made including the original Kong. That's right, I'm saying it loud and clear.....Jackson's Kong kicks Cooper's Kong in the head and makes off with his bananas. Yes it's true that it is three hours long, which is twice as long as the original! It's a fast three hours. Yes it's true that it takes it's time getting to Skull Island! What do you want? New York to the South Pacific didn't take a week. There have been some changes made, but every one for the better. These characters are people that you will actually care about. You will feel for Ann and Jack, and you will grow to despise Jack Black's Denham....But the greatest actor on the screen is Kong from the moment he gets on it! There has NEVER been a CG character with this much life or humanity or heart or soul. His eyes are alive and they set a new bar for animation, it simply doesn't get any better than Jackson's Kong. Smack dab in the middle of this movie is an action sequence that is, by my estimation, the greatest action sequence put to celluloid. Here's the score cue that accompanies Kong vs the Rexes...that's right Rexes!

Tooth and Claw - James Newton Howard

I'm telling you, there's nothing that compares to Kong fighting a pack of Rexes. Nothing! If you say there is something that does, you must be a moron. The pacing is amazing and non-stop from the point they get to the island until the unfortunate business on top of the Empire State Building. But within all of the action is beautiful love story that anyone who has ever loved a big dumb animal can relate to (Meaning that we can take our ladies to see Kong and they'll love us even more afterwards! Win win right?). And right before the gorilla shit hits the fan, Jackson gives us one last moment alone with the fair maiden and the Kong. Prettiest track off the score and prettiest scene in the movie.

Central Park - James Newton Howard

Anywho, I don't think I can say enough about how much I enjoyed my three hours spent on The Venture, Skull Island and in New York. Good times.
Do I think you should go? Absolutely! Do you care what I think? I'm pretty sure we've already established that.

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