Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Keoki Drinks From The Goblet And Blah Blah Blah Blah.....

Who the hell cares what The Keoki thinks about the new Harry Potter movie?
According to Johnny we're very big in Belgium, Uraguay and DirkaDirkastan. He's acquired a bit of a cult following and I've managed to hook on to the bumper, riding my skateboard behind his Jeep. The needle dips when i write anything here at The Smudge and at this point Johnny is just keeping me on staff because he doesn't pay me and our wives our friends. Anywho, there's a new feature here at The Smudge called The Keoki Knows Shows and while I applaud Johnny for the rhyming, the truth is I KNOW NOTHING! And know even less about shows! So I'm petitioning for a change to the title of my column to be called "Who The Hell Cares What The Keoki Knows?" I thinks it's a winning title, get's me warm right in the cockle region.

So now that that's done, on to the point of this....the fact that no one cares that I loved, I loved, and loved me a bit more of the new Harry Potter film. This has been an amazing year for movies. I'm not talking about cinema, I'm talking about movies. The ones that are fun to go see, the ones that take you somewhere you've never been before and show you things you've never seen. We've seen the very last Star Wars movie, we've seen a black and white and blood red comic book come to life, we've seen a really good Batman movie (LEAVE IT ALONE UNCLE TOM!), we've seen emperor penguins fall in love in the cold wastelands of Antarctica, we've been to the sweetest chocolate factory ever and now we've seen kids be mean as hell kids at Hogwarts! After seeing the lastest Harry Potter movie I'm undecided whether this one is my favorite or if Azkaban still stands as the standard bearer (Purely due to it's Time-Traveling plotline) but great googeley moogeley if it's not the funniest. The humor is found in the relationships these children now have with each other in their newfound teen years. They make fun of other kids and you start to see that Hogwarts is no different than any other school....there's cliques everywhere!!! The interaction is true, their emotion is heartfelt and the acid that they sometime spit at each other is brilliantly biting. They're jealous, catty, bitchy and undermining....and thats just the boys! This is the first time that the bonds of brotherhood and friendship are tested and the way it's handled is emotionally satisfying. The film has all of the things that makes a Harry Potter movie but this time adds a heart to the boiling cauldron (C'mon I had to!). The effects are better this time around, which I had thought would be hard to do after Azkaban. The dragon that Harry has to battle is simply the most amazing dragon ever put to ceeluloid, but honestly what was it competing with? All of the actors are really growing into their roles and seem to be having quite alot of fun doing it. At this point there is now way that the triumverant of actors playing Harry, Ron and Hermoine could be replaced due to age, as they are way too good at what they do in their robes. When this series is over, a proposed seven movies in all, it should be an amazing feat of sterling consistency with each one getting better and better. The only thing that I missed was the John Williams score, although the Patrick Doyle one was quite good. Williams is a master at giving scenes true emotional heft and ocassionally I felt Doyle missed the mark. Each Potter film has had a new theme that was heads and shoulders over everything else in the film and Doyle does succeed in that area. Harry's Love is maybe the prettiest theme in all the Potter films and being such a Williams fan it pain me a bit to say that. Overall, the movie is amazing and definately worth your $6 - $9 at your nearby cinema.....but as I mentioned earlier, I know you don't really care what the hell I think!

P.S. Here's a couple of tracks from the Original Soundtrack by Patrick Doyle Enjoy!

The Quidditch World Cup

Foreign Visitors Arrive

Harry Potter's Love / Harry In Winter

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