Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Great American Treasures

I have not seen Cameron Crowe's new film Elizabethtown. From the very first images it seemed like a mixed bag. I can't get on board with Kirsten Dunst, which puts me smack dab in the minority here at the Smudge. On the whole the trailers and clips made the movie look very episodic and choppy and it seemed like the one time that Crowe may have lost his way in the editing room. The only thing that we could be sure of was that the soundtrack would be is. Filled with American Music it's definately worth the purchase. Here are the first two tracks off the disc by Nancy Wilson and Tom Petty, both American Treasures. It's easy to dismiss Wilson as the hot blonde from Heart, but since the early '90s she's mainly scored Crowes films and has always added heart (no pun intended) to those films. Her track in this album is no exception. Petty's track is as heartbreaking as his voice is soul-touching. Enjoy!

Nancy Wilson - 60B (E-Town Theme)

Tom Petty - It'll All Work Out

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