Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Fountain Spills Over

So this film The Fountain has been in the offing for a number of years. It started, it stalled, it picked up Brad Pitt and made him grow a ridiculously cool beard, and then stopped again....Pitt shaves beard and does Troy and The Fountain stayed in a dark corner. Then it came back to life with Hugh Jackman and the big beard, Rachel Weisz who we at The Smudge all like and Darren Arnofsky directing finally. Arnofsky is a very weird bird and is known for his challenging films Pi and Requiem For A Dream, but The Fountain stands to be the most out there film of his career. From what I've read, the film takes place in three different times and is the story of one mans journey through those times....and of course the beard plays a major part. Anywho, here's the first moving images from The Fountain. Enjoy!

The Fountain Trailer

and here's a really cool screensaver

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