Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Howl's Moving Castle Clips

It's the year 2005 and we all think we've pretty much seen everything that could possibly be put to celluloid at least once. This is especially evident during the summer months where we are attacked by aliens, assailed by some sort of death-bringer missle, awed by a really really cool car chase and on and on. It's the same every year and will continue to be the same until the end of time or at least until someone kills Micheal Bay. Anywho, the point is the one place you know you'll see something completely new and amazing is in a Miyazaki movie. I guarantee you that during his movies you will say, "Oh my gosh I've never seen anything like that before!!" I also guarantee you that you will smile at least once and most likely that smile won't stop until the end of the movie. So enjoy these clips and seek out "Howl's Moving Castle" when it comes to your village.

We're Moving

Howl In Battle

Sophie Finds Howl's Castle

Escape From Suliman

And there's even more at Yahoo Movies.


Anonymous said...

Too bad the clips are of the dubbed version. :(

Canowine said...

What an amazing imagination.

But my's too small!!! Me and you, opening night, right keoki?

The Keoki said...

Lets do it! Bethesda Row!

Arethusa said...

I'm not clicking, I'm not clicking, I'm not clicking. I like to remain as spoiler free about films as possibles, even if no plot point is actually freed.

This is just a dark reminder that it opens in the USA an entire WEEK before us. *cries*

darth said...'ve been reading about how THIS time, they are giving miyazaki the proper promotion and distribution, after fucking up spirited away...and i check the paper today...its opening in only ONE THEATRE in the sf bay area. WTF???

and fandango doesn't even have it in their new releases menu..WTF???