Saturday, April 02, 2005

Welcome To The World

Our good friend Canowine had a gorgeous baby girl yesterday!!! Woo-hoo! This is for her.

Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Lovely


HANS said...

oooh, congrats!
i'd buy her a tree in israel if I had the money!

Arethusa said...

That's wonderful news! Congrats to the new parents. It certainly trumps my Bloc Part experience.

Canowine said...

Thank you Keoki, hans, arethusa! She's a beautiful little girl, quiet and wee. It's amazing how little her fingers and toes are.

Hey arethusa, how was the bloc party, anyway?

-epm said...

Dude! I completely missed this post. I didn't even know you were pregnant!

Arethusa said...

Hahahahahaahaha, neither did I!

Canowine, the concert was pretty damn excellent and the place was PACKED because Bloc Party had only three dates in Canada (in the usual cities) so there was even a couple there from Alberta!

Crowd energy was excellent, they interacted pretty well with the crowd, and all the girls were swooning over their accents.