Saturday, April 23, 2005

Looking Glass - Brandy MP3

So our friend Canowine brings us the newest and most cutting edge tracks on a daily basis. He also likes to drop some classics on us from time to time....he's a giver people!!! He tells us about the track and gives us insight into the singer and the songwriter, but never sounds condescending. And he's got some big things planned for The Smudge, so if you're a Sometimes need to become an All-The-Time-Reader!!!

Anywho, with all that said I'm kicking it old school today with one of my favorite songs of all freaking time!!!! I have no idea why I love this song so much, perhaps it's because my first few years on Earth were in the mid 70's and this song has a Super 8-Track vibe to it. Perhaps it's the story told through the lyrics, very sad and very melancholy....I'm a sucker for sad and melancholy. And then maybe it's the name "Brandy" which has a strong hold on me for reasons that have no place anywhere other than in the longtime gone recesses of my mind. For whatever the reason, this song kicks some ass and someday it would be great to sing this karaoke with Uncle Tom and Canowine....though it's never on the list. Enjoy!



Canowine said...

Fine song, my brother. I enjoy.

Arethusa said...

For some reason I first though, Wtf why is he getting so excited over a song by Brandy?

Ha. checking it out now.

SugarDuck said...

Why Brandy is awesome:

1. That dude's voice; it rocks.

2. The story. Who hasn't felt the mysterious pull of the sea, it's a theme as old as time!

Canowine said...

arethusa: You should know, Uncle Tom does not feel the mysterious pull of the sea.

Canowine said...

oops, I meant Sugarduck, you should know...

Canowine said...

And who needs karaoke? We'll just bring in the guitars.

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