Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Last Of The BIG Star Wars Spoilers!!!

The Soundtrack to Star Wars Episode III doesn't come out until May 3rd but thanks to the amazing Internet, tracks have already leaked and they sound fantastic. I've said repeatedly that I am a score guy and the main reason I am a score guy is because of John Williams. I was born in 1974 which means that I was raised on John Williams film music. The first record I picked out at a record store was the Star Wars 2-Album set from the very first film, with Darth Vader's head staring at me from a field of stars. John Williams provided the soundtracks for the great films of my formative years....Jaws, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Superman, E.T. Anywho, for me the score for a Star Wars movie is the first truly tangible thing to sink your teeth in to. You listen to it and it gives you a roadmap to the film you're so jazzed to see and it also reminds you that the movie is just around the corner. These tracks are especially meaningful to me because this is the last new Star Wars music ever. So with that in mind, here's four tracks to wet your palate on.

Main Titles & Star Wars The Revenge Of The Sith

Battle Of The Heroes

Greivous Speaks To Sidious

Anakin Vs. Obi Wan

A New Hope & The End Titles


-epm said...

I got your spoiler right here: directed by George Lucas.... That spoils it for me. [stupid smily face here]

george lucas said...

does epm stands for extra pissy and mean?

-epm said...

Yes. It's a Latin abbreviation, loosely meaning "male PMS. "