Thursday, March 31, 2005

U2 San Diego Concert Mp3s

So I was looking for a song called "Cells" by a band called The Servant that's featured in the trailer for Sin City. I came up dry, but our good friend Canowine hooked me up later....but I digress and that's for another post. While searching high and low I found a great little blog called Acthung Baby which pretty much ROCKS! Anywho, today they posted a link to the full set of the Vertigo Tour opener in San Diego. 23 tracks of rock and roll glory. It's amazing how they are truly getting better every minute that they are on this planet, now that I think about it they very well might not be from our planet. It doesn't seem that Larry Mullen Jr is aging at all, something to think about. Well enjoy these two tracks.

Sunday Bloody Sunday (Live)

40 (Live)

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