Saturday, March 12, 2005

Trailers, Trailers, Trailers WOO-HOO!!!

I love trailers!! I'm 30 and I can remember when you had to stay 'till the end of the movie and after the credits to see the trailers. Thus the name. Anywho, trailers are often better than the actual movie itself....kind of like that crush you had on the girl in high school but if you had the actual good fortune of dating her, she really wasn't what you were looking for. Such is the paradoxal action of the trailer. Here's a new batch of trailers that are supposed to get you jazzed for the upcoming movie seasons, Summer and Fall.



The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy

Kicking And Screaming

The Bad News Bears

Kingdom Of Heaven


SugarDuck said...

I know what you mean about the trailer being better than the movie, it's all in the editing. Sometimes I think, why didn't they hire the trailer editor to do the movie?

But what the hell are you talking about the trailers came after the movie? I'm 30 too and I don't remember that!

Anonymous said...

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