Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Jack Johnson mp3s

So we all have our place here at The Smudge....Canowine is basically a renaissance man, Sugarduck is smarter than Stephen Hawking, Ech is the new guy and I offer a melange of less "important" music and movie tidbits. Hey a guys got to know his said Dirty Harry. Anywho, Jack Johnson is slowly becoming my favorite artist. He doesn't do anything new or amazing and I don't think we can call him "important" so much, but man if he doesn't craft some catchy little pop songs. I think I may be partial to him because he has a surfing background and he's from Hawaii. Enough said, here are the first two tracks off his new album which is total Pop Drivel but isn't that what we all signed up for?

Jack Johnson - Better Together mp3

Jack Johnson - Banana Pancakes mp3


Canowine said...

Those are good songs. In the end, maybe less than one percent of the artists that go on this blog will be "important" over time. But the songs mean something to people now, and that's important. Also, I know Jack Johnson's music inspires people to learn guitar, and I believe in that. Can I get an amen?

The Keoki said...

Amen brother john.