Thursday, March 31, 2005

Hey Everyone, Remember MTV Unplugged?

I was reminiscing the other day about MTV Unplugged, which I can actually remember when it was a half-hour experiment with a host and the first musical guest was two guys from Squeeze. Anywho I started looking for Unplugged "CDs" and by "CDs" I mean some sort of bootleg (We here at The Smudge do not condone bootlegs!!!) and was able to find the show of one of my Unplugged favs, Oasis. The story behind the Oasis show was that at the height of their popularity MTV asked them to do an Unplugged set and they of course said yes. But the week of rehearsals Liam Gallagher, the lead singer of the band and brother to Noel, said everyone should bugger off! He and Noel got into a few rows that week and Liam stormed off determined to be the reason the show would not go on. It did, with Noel fronting the band and belting out the songs that he wrote while his brother shouted derogatory things from the peanut gallery, literally. The show was fabulous, even though MTV was furious with the lack of Liam. It might have been the beginning of the end for the band, since then they have had three lackluster albums, none which could match What's The Story Morning Glory. Anywho, enjoy these tracks. I have been.

Talk Tonight (Live and Unplugged)

Wonderwall (Live and Unplugged)


RC666 said...

I have looked for the Nirvana Unplugged DVD or even VHS, all I can find is the CD. I want to see the performance again. The best I found was a torrent that was very poor quality. They need to bring back Unplugged! And sell the DVD's!

Arethusa said...

I remember Unplugged. I like Jay Z's. I haven't really watched it very often, obviously.

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