Monday, February 28, 2005

Post - Oscar Depression!!!

So the Oscars were on and Chris Rock was funny and Salma Hayek was scorching and every thing played out exactly as it was supposed to. There were no real surprises, even though we were told there would be. There was no real "Great Speech" although Jamie Foxx came close. Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz presented together which should fuel speculation about their hidden lesbian tryst (looking in Ech's direction) but moreover prove to all that Cruz looks like Hayek's younger, goofy-looking sister.

Sean Penn showed up to give out an award and be a dick, he was on his best behavior last year because he knew he was getting an award. The two biggest names of last year, Micheal Moore and, Mel Gibson, were absent as were their movies. Farenheit and Passion won a whopping zero which came as a surprise to no one. The biggest movie of the year, Shrek 2, got nothing so Dreamworks animation will have to settle for rolling in their money while the vastly superior Pixar rolls in their money, and critical acclaim and numerous awards!!! In the end the show was just over 3 hours long, making it the shortest in years. But it felt long and boring because for the most part it was. Until the Acadamy loosens up and wises up it will continue to be both.


Arethusa said...

As I posted elsewhere I just wanna see all the pretty dresses and whacked up hairstyles.

Canowine said...

And some good old fashioned ass cleavage.