Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Sad, Sad News

No, nobody died or anything but news has hit that Pixar's next film "Cars" has moved to Summer 2006. DAMMIT! It was just a matter of time before the folks at Pixar realized that Nemo and Shrek 2 numbers come during summertime and only summertime. The proof seems to be in the box office numbers. Shrek 2 = 400 million plus, whereas The Incredibles is going to top out somewhere close to 300 million. Shrek is nowhere near as good a film as The Incredibles especially not 100 million plus better. Shrek benefited from repeat weekday viewing by kids who are out of school, something The Incredibles will not get until Christmas break when the film is almost two months old. The move to Summer release and Fall DVD release was inevitable, but still stinks. Because it means no new Pixar brilliance for almost two years.

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