Wednesday, December 08, 2004

2004 Soundtracks....It's Been A Very Good Year!

At they're running a page devoted to some of the oustanding scores of '04. Looking over the titles I was reminded how good a year for soundtracks it was. Canowine and The Keoki both love them some music, but The Keoki especially loves soundtracks. Movies are my passion and a great score can bring you back to the way you felt while watching a film. This year some of my favorites have been Jon Brion's "Eternal Sunshine" score, John Williams "The Terminal" and "Harry Potter 3" scores, Edward Schurmer's "Sky Captain" score, Vangelis "Alexander" score (interestingly the score sounds much better than anyone is saying the movie is!). Lately I've been jamming to "The House Of Flying Daggers" which is simply gorgeous, "Lemony Snicket" by Thomas Newman who is hitting a homerun every time up to bat, and "The Incredibles" by Micheal Giachinno which makes me feel warm and fuzzy every time I put it on. Click on over to MCN to take a listen!

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