Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Third Scariest Movie

The Haunting

The best ghost story ever put to celluloid! Case closed, no questions aked! It was made in 1963 and hasn't aged a day. It was directed by the same man who brought you The Sound Of Music and is much more terrifying than the Von Trapp family. It was taken from a novel by Shirley Jackson who also wrote The Lottery. So let's talk about The Haunting.... A group of people with various sleep ailments go to a haunted house to be studied by a scientist. Except they don't know that they're in a haunted house or that they're being studied. Did I mention that the house is haunted? The walls breathe, there' children's laughter off in the distance, there's loud yelling...possibly arguing, but who is it? Who's there? For the most part there are no special effects to speak of, just well placed sound effects and actors who don't seem like they are acting. From top to bottom a fabulously made film that is terrifying and is guaranteed to scare you.


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