Monday, October 04, 2004

Spears Writes Letter...Feels Like She's In Harvard.

This is the kind of thing that you expect to read in The Onion...but this is actually true! MSNBC.COM reports the following.

Britney Spears has been spending the last several days writing a missive called “Letter of Truth: I hope you can handle it” — which she plans to post on her fan site.

“It was a life-changing letter for me, and I just want my fans to read it,” Spears told Britain’s OK magazine. “It really states where I am in my life right now. It is making closure with a lot of things and I think this is my ultimate truth.”

The newlywed pop princess says she had some epiphanies after seeing the Broadway production of “Wicked” — a look at "The Wizard of Oz" that’s sympathetic to the Witch of the West, and has worked so hard on her letter that she says, she “feels like I’m at Harvard.”

I wonder if folks at Harvard ever feel like Britney?

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