Sunday, October 31, 2004

It's Number 2!!!!


I know, I know....Not exactly a Halloween movie you say? We went over this before didn't we? A Halloween movie is one that scares you....This film happened to change my swimming habits for about 20 years. I grew up on an island so that fucked things up a right bit! Some people will say that the shark doesn't look real...And they would be right but it doesn't matter because you never see it and that's what's so friggin' scary. In reality the mechanical shark, Bruce, never worked! It wouldn't swim or do any of the things that Steven Spielberg wanted it to so....He never showed it to you. Instead of the shark he gave us a shark's eye view of legs under water. He gave you John William's theme that made your spine wiggle. He gave you moments where you certainly thought you saw something horrible, but it was so quick you had to build it up in your head. All this made the obviously mechanical shark more real and much more dangerous. The performances are tight and the direction is even tighter. When you look at the film there's not a scene that you think, "Well he could have taken that out." And of course there's the greatest table scene ever put on film. When Robert Shaw tells his two comrades of his experience on the U.S.S. Indianapolis, your hair stands up and you never ever want to put on a lifejacket. Next year Jaws turns 30 years old, but I'll put it up against any scary movie that comes out next year in a bare-knuckle boxing match and the fake mechanical shark will come out on top every time.

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