Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween!


The scariest movie EVER!!!! Because in this movie the killer is just a guy. A guy who is evil and wants to kill people. That can happen in real life, people are evil and people can kill people. That's the terror in Halloween, the reality of it all. The killer, Michael Myers, killed his sister on Halloween night 1963 and hasn't said a word ever since. He was put in a psychiatric ward and his doctor has been trying to get through to him. But as the doctor says, in what must be one of the greatest horror lines ever, "I spent the first 10 years trying to reach him and the next 5 years trying to keep him locked up." He believes Michael is evil, and cannot be helped. How many times have you read a news story about someone who went on some sort of killing spree and never said why. This could really happen, that's terror man! So once Michael gets out on the 15th anniversary of killing his sister he goes right back to his old stomping grounds and starts all over again with all new victims. The mask he wears is a plain white mask with unkempt hair on it...Truly a faceless evil, just a shape in the dark. He doesn't wait until dark to kill, no one is safe from him and you never know why he's doing it. Oh yeah and there's a terrifying theme song that makes me wet the bed any time I hear it. The film runs about an hour and a half, but in that time you feel like you've been put on a medieval rack of some kind that just keeps stretching and stretching...Until you look out on the lawn where he's supposed to be dead and see nothing but an indentation in the grass. Happy Halloween!


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