Friday, July 23, 2004

As Moby Says...We Are All Made Of....Superheroes?

So lets talk about the comic book movie...shall we?  Most people consider X-Men the turning point in the Comic-Book-Movie, but actually it was Blade.  Blade came out in August of 98 and surprised folks.  It made decent money and more importantly it was successful even though the character was a lesser known superhero.  Credit must be given to Blade, but so must BLAME!!!  Over the last six years we have been witness to every movie studio making a mad dash for the comic store to loot characters and bring them kicking and screaming to celluloid.  X-Men was great, X2 even better....but did we need a red rubber clad Ben Affleck as Daredevil?  Spider Man 1 & 2 very good films, but did we need a Punisher movie that takes place in sunny Florida?  I'm one of the few folks that liked the Hulk, yes there are some of us out there.  The good comic book movies are good because the people behind them respect the characters and more importantly the FANS of these characters.  A film like Hellboy for instance was made by Guillermo Del Toro, who has a true affinity for Hellboy and sought to make a film for the fans not for the masses.  You see if you treat the fans right they will in turn treat you right.  They will see your movie over and over again!  They will tell their friends.  They will buy the DVD!  And when the sequel comes out they will line up and make the sequel bigger than the first!  A sturdy foundation must be laid before a franchise can be built.  Although not a comic-movie, Van Helsing is proof that you can't make a franchise, it must happen organically.  So the following links will make us raise our eyebrows, will make us smile, and some of them will make us sick to our stomachs.  But there is always hope.  And then there is always this!  That last one was for our Tom.  We love you Tom, wherever you are.

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Canowine said...

You know, Keoki, I think that at this point I can do without Ben Affleck, PERIOD. Daredevil tried a little too hard to attract a female audience. An animated Daredevil (anime-style) would have been much sweeter.